The Plant Based Health and Wellness Survey

Written by Tim Cook

The Raw Londoner Plant Based Health and Wellness Survey is designed to understand how people who choose to eat some form of a plant based diet think and what’s important to them.

As a thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the survey you have the option to receive a summary of the results after the answers are in.  Thank you very much for participating.

UPDATE: Please note that the results are in from this survey and there’s a summary at What I learned from the Raw Londoner Plant Based Health and Wellness Survey.  You are still invited to complete the survey though we won’t email the results out to new participants.

About the author

Tim Cook

Tim is a health and fitness freak living in London and following a largely raw plant based diet. He's originally Australian but has made London his home for so long that he's now natural at drinking tea and saying sorry regardless of fault. In his professional career he gets to work with some incredibly smart and decent people, most of whom think his diet is really quite bizarre. He's big into plant based superfood smoothies, building good form at the gym, and even sometimes getting out to run.

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