2nd The Superfoods Brunch Club

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10am-12pm, Saturday, 19 November – London
Maida Hill Place, Westbourne Park, London

The Superfoods Brunch Club is for you to enjoy a superfood loaded brunch while meeting new friends and learning about plant based wellness.


  • Superhero’s Rocket Fuel (biodynamic cold pressed kale, spinach, fennel, golden beetroot, coriander, apple, carrot, cucumber, lemon, lime, mushroom, rainbow chard, ginger, turmeric, celery, and chicory leaves) from Alkalize Me
  • Herbal tea selection (peppermint, love, blackcurrant beauty, three cinnamon)
  • Goji Chia Smoothie (goji berries, chia seed, raw cacao, maca, coconut blossom sugar, brazil nuts, water)
  • Marinated Mediterranean Vegetable Salad (courgettes, peppers, carrots, thyme, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, mixed greens, spouted black eye beans, tahini, lemon, cumin, coriander, garlic)
  • Banana Chia Breakfast (banana, hemp milk, chia seeds, kefir, mulberries, pistachio nuts, vanilla)
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Lovechock

Plant Based Athletes Chat Show Panel

We’ll be joined by three superb plant based athletes and coaches, each bringing unique perspectives.  Tim Cook will host a question and answer session to help us understand how they each thrive on plant based nutrition and we’ll all learn from their approaches to optimum nutrition.

Steve Oxlade is a 2x international cross fit champion, an NLP master practitioner, the author of The Abundance Zone, and specialises in optimal nutrition, training, mindset, and longevity. He follows a raw plant based diet.

Sabina Skala is a strength and conditioning coach working with MMA athletes, BJJ fighters and other top combat sports professionals, top male models, military personnel, rugby, football, golf and polo players, climbers, dancers and endurance athletes. She follows a vegan diet and was a part of the Plant Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health and Fitness project.

Cj Swaby is a health & fitness educator, nutrition coach, speaker and Plant Based BS Assassin with a successful career that spans over 20 years. His clients include the young and the old, city workers, amateur to professional athletes, mothers, entrepreneurs, fitness warriors, as well as those with medical conditions.

Pre-brunch Movement Session with Elizabeth Banks

9am – 9:45am, Saturday 19 November

elizabeth-banks-2Elizabeth Banks is offering a unique movement session before the brunch. In this session you will explore your own movement potential under her expert eye as she guides you through simple and powerful movement drills to map your motions for a more confident movement experience.

The human body is a great compensator, however if left unattended our movement asymmetries can contribute to pain and limit performance. Elizabeth combines neurological and biomechanical methods to assess how your body moves and with her experienced eye she is able to assess your movement limitations, helping you move towards pain free confident motion through all ranges of motion, at every speed under varied loads.

By truly exploring your movement capacity you will move better and feel stronger than you ever have before. The movement session is optional. All you need do is wear comfortable clothes and turn up!


Elizabeth’s style of training is movement based, grounded on solid scientific principles gained through 15 years of education with a relentless drive to understand human movement. She is a Fellow of the Gray Institute, a TRX Master Trainer, and a strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA CSCS), as well as having studied neurology (Z Health and AMN). These combine to give her a unique understanding of biomechanics and neurology, allowing her to work with a range of clients from performance athletes to seniors.

Gorgeous Venue

We’re in a gorgeous venue, complete with art, plants, and music, close to Westbourne Park tube.



Venue and times

10am – 12pm:  Brunch
Saturday, 19 Novemberfoods
Maida Hill Place
2-4 Fernhead Road
London, W9 3ET

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