Superfoods: ask me anything seminar and tasting

7-9pm, Thursday, 27 October – London

with the founders of Revolution Foods:
Dean Howell, former professional footballer
Ryan Brown, nutritionist

  Get your superfoods questions answered
  Supercharged superfood smoothies included
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Dean and Ryan are two of the founders of Revolution Foods: creators of ethically sourced, pure, organically grown superfoods. For one special evening, Dean and Ryan will spend an evening in London with us talking about the philosophy behind their superfoods approach, the benefits of superfoods, and how to use them. There will be a big focus on answering your questions and superfood smoothies are included!

On the night Dean and Ryan will make for you:

  • Vanilla chocolate and almond delight smoothie (chocolate vanilla superblends protein, banana or avocado, almond butter, vanilla, gf oats, oat milk)
  • Green digest juice (superblends green protein powder, ginger, turmeric, apple, pear, cucumber, celery)
  • Amazonian warrior smoothie (Amazonian fruits blend, apple, pineapple, ginger, pear, lemon, coconut milk)
  • Chocolate orange smoothie (raw cacao, orange, maca, vanilla, chia seeds, cacao nibs, almond milk)
  • The BB smoothie (maca, baobab, raspberries, chaga, hemp, banana, blueberries, almond milk)

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Their story… Dean and Ryan, along with their business partner Gareth, grew up like brothers, starting in infant school in Burton on Trent, then growing up as typical lads, eating junk food and drinking too much alcohol. Dean, who became a professional footballer, was the first to start researching how nutrition could impact his health and performance.  His results with superfood supplements were impressive and inspired Ryan and Gareth to follow. From this passion grew Revolution Foods, selling top quality organic superfood supplements.

Revolution Foods is UK based and provides organic superfoods including acai, baobab, cacao, chaga, chia, hemp, maca, marine plankton, moringa, and pine pollen, plus blends including Amazonian fruits, herbal iron, greens, Icelandic seaweeds, probiotics, plant superblend proteins, and more.

Organic is a passion for Dean and Ryan, for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. The people they work with share their ethos and are part of the revolution for a healthy future.  They’ve now opened a health food shop in the front of their warehouse, selling the produce of a local organic grower to the public, and have big ambitions to hit the high street stores one day.  They’re driven by wanting to spread awareness of just how far food dictates health.  Someone who is obese can actually be starving through lack of health-giving food.  We want a health revolution, but it can only start with the changes that each of us makes and passes on to someone else.

Dean and Ryan will spend one night in London to share their knowledge on how to really impact your life using superfood supplements.

We’re in a gorgeous venue close to Westbourne Park tube. Tickets are limited so please book quickly to ensure your space.

7-9pm, Thursday, 27 Octoberfoods
Maida Hill Place
2-4 Fernhead Road
London, W9 3ET

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