It’s not just about cutting out the bad stuff!

Written by Tim Cook

I’ve been thinking of myself as a ‘raw foodist’ for a couple of years now. I’ve bought the Blendtech, the slow juicer, become a master of smoothies, not too bad at other raw food, amused my colleagues and family with my odd food (my food’s odd, really?), and even done a three month parasite cleanse. I reckon I’m pretty good at this raw food game. And yet I’ve still been focusing so much on ‘having the willpower’ to remove the bad food from my diet. Bread has been my hard drug that’s seemingly required me to have a stint in rehab.


The tidal wave of consciousness that’s been dawning on me lately is it’s not about cutting out the ‘bad’ stuff (even bread, that old demon). It’s actually about having so much satisfying, appetising, appealing, nutritious food that I feel good about eating, that the ’bad stuff’ just becomes irrelevant and out of focus.

During the day today I’ve eaten a huge smoothie, a mango, two apples, ten bananas, a couple of herbal teas, plus a fresh juice. There’s been no room for anything else. I didn’t starve myself, I didn’t miss out on anything, I didn’t lack. I simply made sure I had tons of great food whenever I wanted it.

So simple.

Tim Cook

About the author

Tim Cook

Tim is a health and fitness freak living in London and following a largely raw plant based diet. He's originally Australian but has made London his home for so long that he's now natural at drinking tea and saying sorry regardless of fault. In his professional career he gets to work with some incredibly smart and decent people, most of whom think his diet is really quite bizarre. He's big into plant based superfood smoothies, building good form at the gym, and even sometimes getting out to run.


  • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been addicted to all sorts of carbs and I drank green smoothies at the same time. Then I fell into the trap of going heavier on easy carbs. But recently I began to see the pleasure of having a piece of healthy bread with slices of avocado and a little bit of peanut butter out scoring having noodles and cookies. Then I started experimenting more of healthier options. I’m realizing it should feel natural for you for anything to work.

  • Hi there, Just wondering what your thoughts are on Flaxseed and quinoa as they are seeds and not grains. I can cut out all other grains but would feel the need for a piece of flaxseed bread to put my egg on in the morning and for the fibre!

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