What I learned from the Raw Londoner Plant Based Health and Wellness Survey

Written by Tim Cook

The results are in from the Raw Londoner Plant Based Health and Wellness Survey!  Here’s what I learned about our community.

First, it was fascinating to see how people describe their diet, with ‘plant based’ coming in as the top choice (possibly influenced by the survey’s name) and then ‘vegan’, ‘raw vegan‘, and ‘mostly vegan’ in that order.  Veganism seems to have outstripped vegetarian as the preferred choice.  I am curious as to what people mean by ‘plant based’, as it can mean different things to different people, so that’s likely a topic for further investigation.

When it comes to health, Raw Londoners are in good shape with 80% of us rating our health 7 or higher (out of 10).

The priorities we collectively rate as most important are: first, living longer in great health; equal second are building muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness; followed by improved flexibility and then having more energy.  Interestingly, better sex came last in the list, so maybe Raw Londoners already have steamy hot sex lives!

Of the things we’re concerned about, getting a balanced diet came at the top of the list, followed by alkalinity, dieting for weight loss, superfoods, detoxing, and that age old question of getting enough protein (we still think about it!). Digestive issues came up too, as well as improving mental clarity, which is interesting. Plus I particularly liked a response asking for more, ‘sensitivity, intuition, magical abilities, and supernatural powers’.  Good requests, I feel.

The upshot is that most Raw Londoner’s are pretty healthy people, reaping the benefits of some form of plant based diet.  That’s good news!

About the author

Tim Cook

Tim is a health and fitness freak living in London and following a largely raw plant based diet. He's originally Australian but has made London his home for so long that he's now natural at drinking tea and saying sorry regardless of fault. In his professional career he gets to work with some incredibly smart and decent people, most of whom think his diet is really quite bizarre. He's big into plant based superfood smoothies, building good form at the gym, and even sometimes getting out to run.

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