Easy Detox Programme

This is an easy to do, gentle detox programme you can use when you want to reset your body while still being able to eat and not get distracted from your work and everyday life.

  • You can do it at home and work without doing an expensive retreat
  • There’s no starvation diet that will leave you drained
  • It won’t interrupt your normal life
  • Reboot your diet and habits gently while regaining energy and health

“and I said to my body softly, ‘I want to be your friend.’
It took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this’
– Nayyirah Waheed

The Easy Detox Programme is a set of cleansing and nourishing supplements accompanied by a nutrition and cleansing guide that’s easy for you to follow.

You receive:

  • Cleansing and nourishing supplement set to cover the two week programme
  • Guidebook to show you how to focus your diet and cleanse during the programme


Detox Phases

The programme has been designed to work in phases that build on top of each other.

1-4Colon and intestinal cleansingIncrease raw food and fibre
4-5Kidneys cleanse and nourishBitter and nourishing foods
6-7Digestive tract restingLiquids: smoothies, juices, soups
8-10Liver detoxificxationBrassicas plus vitamin B and C foods
11Final cleanse and repopulationProbiotic and prebiotic foods
12-14Repair and replenishNutritionally dense whole foods

Products included

You’ll get a complete pack of supplements ready to use. The pack includes:

Detox GuideA 10 page manual that gives clear guidelines and instructions on how to follow the detox programme
ColozoneColon, kidney, and endocrine assistant. Stimulates the lymphatic system and assists in helping the gall bladder release bile
ProbioticTo aid in repairing, repopulating, and correcting the micro flora balance
Amazonian FruitsPowerful anti-oxidant and abundant source of micro-nutrients
Superblends ProteinProvides the correct ratio of amino-acids. Toxin binder for elimination. Blood sugar balance
Chia SeedsGood quality protein and fibre for elimination
Green Food CapsulesMultifunctional, phytonutrient rich multi vitamin and mineral complex to aid liver detoxification
Epsom Bathing SaltsHelps relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and assist detoxification

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