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Tim Cook

The single most important thing is to be happy and to genuinely, deeply, feel good.

I choose the nutrition I eat to give me a long healthy life with energy, vitality, strength, mental clarity, and a great physique.

I choose to be plant based because it feels good to me. I choose to eat a high percentage of my diet raw and with minimal processing so that it’s in its freshest most natural state and I receive the maximum nutrition.

I’m interested in the science of nutrition – and I also believe that our bodies are far more sophisticated devices than our current science understands, with thoughts and emotions, and likely much more, having a bigger impact than we can currently fully understand scientifically. I’m interested in the folklore of plant based health, as I’m conscious that there is much nutritional research yet to be done and folklore can often guide us to what works even if it can’t explain the mechanics of why.

Finally, I’m interested in intuitive approaches to plant based health, as I believe we have a greater spiritual connection that’s cheering for us to live the greatest version of our lives possible and is always giving us guidance whenever we listen.

Do I ever eat anything else other than raw plant based? Yes! The single most important thing is to be happy and to feel good. I care about having energy, being in great physical shape, and being conscious about what I eat. We are all responsible for the greatness of own our life. I’m doing the best I can to live the greatest life I can.

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